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Gahnospinel - Finding a needle in a haystack

The Sapphire Merchant had an auspicious find. We have all our gemstones laboratory-tested to ensure quality control. When buying a lot of Spinel from our supplier in Sri Lanka, one of our spinel gemstones was tested as Gahno-Spinel. The odds of this are extremely low. We found a needle in a haystack! An ultra-rare gemstone that gemstone dealers and collectors alike rarely see. To give you an idea of just how rare Gahno-Spinel is - for every ten thousand blue spinels mined, ONE will be Gahno-Spinel.

Rare Gahnospinel Precious Gemstone
1.16ct Gahnospinel Precious Gemstone

In 1937, gemologists B.W. Anderson and C.J. Payne discovered a zinc-rich dark blue spinel that had merged with gahnite, creating a never before documented mineral. This new find was given the name Gahno-Spinel. The high zinc levels give Gahno-Spinel a striking metallic lustre, setting it apart from a gemstone like a sapphire.

Gahno-Spinel looks just like spinel and can only be differentiated in a laboratory when its 'specific gravity' is tested. Gahno-Spinel's specific gravity tests at 3.65 to 4.55, higher than Spinel which tests at 3.58-3.98.

Gahno-Spinel is found in a precise location. The gem gravel pits of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka. Ratnapura is known as the 'City of Gems' as it is one of the biggest gemstone mining hubs in the world.

Gahno-Spinel is often sought after for private gemstone collections. Gahno-Spinel is worn for astrological purposes. Those fortunate to own one of these rare gemstones believe it can bring about powerful healing and good health, especially for those who fall in the Sagittarius and Scorpio star signs. It is sometimes said that Gahno-Spinel is a gemstone worn for luck and favoured by sportsmen and celebrities.

As I write this blog post, The Sapphire Merchant has a beautiful specimen of Gahno-Spinel available in our online store. You will be hard-pressed to find another example of this stunning gemstone in New Zealand. Perfect for a one-of-a-kind bespoke jewellery piece (such as a stunning Gahnospinel ring or Gahnospinel pendant) or a precious gemstone collector. The Sapphire Merchant can ship worldwide.



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