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Grandidierite - A Rare Gem

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

According to GIA in Bangkok, Grandidierite is one of the world's rarest gemstones. As a result, gem quality Grandidierite is seldom seen, and on the odd occasion that it comes onto the market, prices are more than $8000 USD per carat.

Discovered by French Mineralogist Alfred Lacroix in Madagascar in 1902, he named it as a tribute to Alfred Grandidier. The latter was a pioneer (1836 - 1912) of natural history in this region of the world.

2.00ct Grandidierite
2.00ct Grandidierite

Originally this mineral was only found in Madagascar, but in 2000 a deposit was discovered in Sri Lanka containing a handful of high-quality examples. Small deposits have since been found in Namibia and Malawi.

Grandidierite is a striking turquoise colour. The highest quality specimens are transparent. Translucent specimens are also extraordinarily valuable and are often cut into cabochons. Most Grandierite on the market is opaque, and these specimens don't hold significant value. Grandidierite displays pleochroism, which means that at differing angles, the colour changes from bluish-green to colourless to dark green. Rating 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, Grandidierite makes an acceptable gem for everyday wear.

Grandidierite is a collector's gemstone. The Sapphire Merchant is proud to present an incredible 2.00ct Grandidierite to the New Zealand market. Cut into an oval cabochon; this beautiful gem is translucent with a moderately strong turquoise colour.

Grandidierite - One of Planet Earths rarest Gems
Grandidierite - One of Planet Earths rarest Gems



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