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Ring Design Concepts - The Basics

The Sapphire Merchant offers a dazzling array of precious gemstone options. Here is an outline of the most popular ring design concepts that take your precious loose gems to the next level; A heirloom quality ring make that will be admired and adored for many years to come.

Pink Tourmaline and Rose Gold Solitaire Ring
Pink Tourmaline and Rose Gold Solitaire Ring

Solitaire Ring

A Solitaire Ring style typically features a single, prominent gemstone set in a simple metal band. The jewel is often a diamond, but it can also be another precious stone such as sapphire, emerald, or ruby. The band is usually made of gold, platinum, or silver and is designed to showcase the gemstone, often with a minimalist aesthetic. A Solitaire Ring is a classic and timeless option for an engagement or other special occasion ring, as it emphasises the beauty of the central stone and allows it to shine on its own without any distractions from additional gemstones.

Padparadscha Sapphire & Diamond Three-Stone Ring
Sapphire & Diamond Three-Stone Ring

Three-Stone Ring

A Three-Stone Ring, also known as a trilogy ring, features three gemstones of the same or different types set in a row on the band. The three gemstones are prominent and represent the past, present, and future, symbolising a couple's journey together. The centre stone is usually more prominent than the two side stones, but all three stones can be the same size if wanted. The gems can be any combination of precious gemstones or diamonds. The band can be plain or adorned with additional smaller diamonds or gemstones. A Three-Stone ring is a meaningful choice that can be customised to fit the individual style and preferences of the designer and wearer.

Halo Ring and Halo Pendant Set
Halo Ring & Halo Pendant Set

Halo Ring

A Halo Ring is a type of design that features a centre stone surrounded by a halo of smaller stones. The centre can be any type of gemstone, such as sapphire, aquamarine or garnet, and the surrounding stones are typically smaller diamonds. The halo of smaller stones around the centre stone creates a visual effect that makes the centre stone appear larger and more lustrous. The smaller stones also add extra lustre and glamour to the overall look of the ring.

Halo rings can come in various styles, from classic and elegant to modern and edgy. A double halo is also an option. The surrounding stones can be set in various ways, including pave, channel, or bezel settings, and can be made of any type of metal, such as gold, platinum, or rose gold.

Halo rings are popular for engagement and other special occasions, as they offer a glamorous look that can make any woman special. They are also a great way to get a larger-looking centre stone without the higher price tag that comes with a single, large-quality gemstone. Overall, the Halo Ring is a timeless and versatile design that can be customised to suit any taste or style preference.

Cluster Ring

A Cluster Ring features a group of smaller gemstones arranged closely together. Cluster Rings come in various styles, from vintage-inspired designs with intricate details and filigree work to modern, minimalistic designs with clean lines and geometric shapes. The setting can be made of any precious metal, such as gold or platinum, and can be adorned with additional diamonds or other gems to enhance the overall sparkle and shine of the ring.

Cluster rings are an excellent choice for those looking for an individual statement piece or a unique alternative to a traditional solitaire or three-stone ring. They are often more affordable than larger, single-stone rings, as the smaller gems can be less expensive than a large, high-quality diamond. In addition, cluster rings offer more flexibility in design and customisation, as the arrangement of the gems can be tailored to the wearer's taste and style.

East-West Ring with Rub Over Setting and Paraiba Tourmaline
Variation of East-West with Rub Over Setting

East-West Ring

An East-West ring is where the central stone is set horizontally across the finger rather than in the more traditional vertical or North-South setting. This ring style is also known as a "horizontal setting" or "lateral setting" because of the sideways orientation of the stone. The East-West ring is used for various gemstones, including sapphires, tourmaline, aquamarine and garnet. The central stone is typically elongated in a shape such as an emerald cut. The jewel is then set horizontally across the ring's band, with the longer axis of the stone running parallel to the finger.

East-West style rings can have a modern and edgy look but can also be designed to look elegant and classic. They are set in a variety of metal types, such as platinum, gold, or rose gold, and can be set with accent stones or other design elements. This ring style is becoming increasingly popular in recent years due to its sleek and simple design. An East-West ring can be an excellent choice for those looking for a ring that stands out from the traditional vertical setting styles.

Pavé Ring in Serpent Design
Pavé Ring in Serpent Design

Pavé Ring

A Pavé Ring is a type of jewellery setting commonly used in diamond and other gemstone rings. The term Pavé comes from the French word "Pavé," which means "paved" or "cobblestoned." In a Pavé ring setting, small diamonds or other gemstones are set closely together to create the appearance of a solid, diamond-encrusted surface. The stones in a Pavé setting are typically held in place by tiny prongs barely visible to the naked eye. This allows the focus to remain on the diamonds or gemstones rather than on the metalwork holding them in place. As a result, the surface of the ring appears to be paved with a continuous array of gemstones, creating a sparkling, glamorous effect.

Pavé settings can be used in a variety of ring styles, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and cocktail rings. In addition, they can are set in a variety of shapes and designs, from simple and classic to more elaborate and ornate. Pavé settings are often combined with other setting styles, such as channel or bezel settings, to create unique and stunning jewellery pieces.

Stacking Ring in Mixed Metals
Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings are designed to be worn alongside other rings, typically on the same finger. Stacking rings combine different styles, including thin bands, gemstone rings, eternity bands, and other designs that can be rearranged, mixed and matched to create a unique and personalised look. The idea behind stacking rings is to create a layered effect, with each ring adding a new dimension and texture to the overall look. Stacking Rings can be worn on the same finger or spread across multiple fingers, depending on the desired effect. Stacking Rings can also be mixed and matched based on colour, material, and design to create a unique look.

18k Yellow Gold Signet Ring
18k Yellow Gold Signet Ring

Signet Ring

A Signet Ring has been used for centuries to seal letters, documents, or other essential items. A Signet Ring typically features a flat, oval-shaped top engraved with a personalised design, such as a family crest, monogram, or other symbol. Traditionally, Signet Rings were used to create a unique and recognisable seal, with the design on the ring creating an impression in wax or another soft material to authenticate a document or letter. Today, Signet Rings are statement pieces or a symbol of heritage or tradition.

Signet rings are made of any type of metal, including gold, silver, and platinum, and feature a variety of engraving styles, from simple monograms to more elaborate designs. A Signet Ring is traditionally worn on the pinky finger of the dominant hand. In addition to their historical significance, Signet Rings are a stylish and unique way to express one's heritage, individuality and personal style.

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