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1.16ct Gahnospinel - Ultra Rare - Collectors Piece

Mixed oval cut
Violetish Blue
Sri Lanka Origin

6.67 x 5.46 x 4.07mm

This beautiful specimen goes by the name of Gahnospinel and is one of the rarest semi precious gemstones I’ve come across. It comes from the Spinel family but sets itself apart with high levels of zinc giving it a striking metallic lustre. You will be hard pressed to find another example of this stunning gemstone in New Zealand. Perfect for a one of a kind bespoke jewellery piece or for a collector.


This item can be shipped worldwide.


To find out more about this ultra rare gemstone take a moment to read our BLOG POST.


This product has been sold. If you would like The Sapphire Merchant to source you a similar gemstone contact us today.

1.16ct Gahnospinel - Ultra Rare - Collectors Piece

GST Included
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