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1.42ct Pear Shape Magul Gal Bi-Colour Sapphire

1.42ct ‘Magul Gal’ Sapphire

Natural Blue and Colourless (Bi-Colour) Sapphire


Pear Shape

Brilliant and Step Cut

Clarity: VS (Very Slight Inclusion)

Standard Heat

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Origin


8.27 x 6.27 x 3.56mm


The Sapphire Merchant is proud to present this rare 1.42ct 'Magul Gal' sapphire to the New Zealand market. A Magul Gal sapphire is a Sri Lankan wedding sapphire. To be classed as Magul Gal the sapphire must be bi-colour, a mix of blue and colourless sapphire. This incredible sapphire is dappled blue and white, and is a very unique and beautiful gem. The perfect pear shaped blue for an engagement ring. 


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Want to see further videos of this gem before making a decision? Contact Gemma today.

    GST Included
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