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1.82ct Pink Sapphire

Natural Pink Sapphire  


Sri Lanka origin.


I love this pastel pinkish-purple 1.82ct sapphire from Sri Lanka. So much depth in its colour hue and it sparkles like the sun glistening on an ocean. It’s simply beautiful. Round cut sapphires are a little rarer because of the skill it takes to facet them into a circle

Comprehensive gemology report and valuation included. Valuation of $3440 NZD completed by The Jewellery Valuation Centre (JVC) in Christchurch. Please see photos for details.

Perfect for bespoke custom made jewellery. Customise an engagement or cocktail ring, a pendant, earrings or a bracelet. Many jewelers around New Zealand offer services to design and make customised jewelry pieces.


From source to you. Bringing you New Zealand's best value sapphires. To find out how we keep our prices lower than other retailers take a moment to read OUR STORY

1.82ct Pink Sapphire

GST Included
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