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Grandidierite New Zealand

Natural Grandidierite 


Turquoise Colour

Oval Cabochon Shape

Madagascar Origin


9.56 x 6.33 x 4.01mm


Grandidierite was discovered by Alfred Lacroix, a French Mineralogist, in 1902. Gem quality Grandidierite is extremely rare and is one of the most expensive gemstones in a milky green colour. Grandidierite, with its translucent to transparent blue-green, is seldom seen in gem or jewellery collections. This 2.00ct Grandidierite is the most coveted shade of turquoise with strong transparency, making it a high-quality example. I think this beauty would look exquisite surrounded by a halo of diamonds. It will make a truly unique and rare jewellery piece. 


Paperwork included:

American Internation GemLab Report

Independent New Zealand Valuation


2.00ct Grandidierite

GST Included
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