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Spessartite Fanta Garnet New Zealand

Garnet Lot Including 1.67ct Pear & 2.71ct Heart Shape Pair


Spessartite 'Fanta' Garnet


Oval Shape

Munsell Colour Grade 2.5YR 6T 12S (Strong Orange)

I Clarity (Inclusions)

Nigeria Origin


8.00 x 7.30 x 5.70mm


The Sapphire Merchant presents this extraordinarily rare 2.95ct Spessartite Fanta Garnet to the New Zealand market. In a classic oval cut, this intense orange gem came from a particular mine in Nigeria that was famous for garnet in this Fanta hue. Unfortunately, the deposit has since dried up, with no other location producing garnet of this distinct colour. As a result, Fanta garnet is seldom seen on the market now. This is the perfect precious gemstone for a totally unique engagement, anniversary or special occasion ring, or a one-of-a-kind pendant. 

2.95ct Fanta Garnet & 1.67ct Pear & Heart Pair

GST Included
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