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3.04ct Blue Sapphire

Natural Blue Sapphire


Cushion Mixed Cut


Sri Lanka (Ceylon Origin)


8.34 x 6.75 x 5.63mm


The Sapphire Merchant is excited to present this fabulous 3.04ct Blue Sapphire to the New Zealand market. What makes this sapphire unique is that it has undergone no heat treatment. Currently, 98% of the sapphires on the worldwide market have undergone heating, increasing the clarity of the gemstone and intensifying the colour. A small minority are gem quality straight from the ground. This is one of these exceptions. 


Paperwork Included:

Antwerp Gemological Laboratory (AGL) Gemstone Report

An independent New Zealand Valuation can be completed for an additional $75.00

3.04ct Blue Sapphire

GST Included
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