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3.05ct Tsavorite Garnet

Natural Tsavorite Garnet


Rectangular shape

Cushion cut

Vivid green

Si clarity


Tanzania origin


9.11 x 6.78 x 5.69mm


Tsavorite garnet is one of the world’s rarest and most striking gemstones. The finest Tsavorites have an intense green hue which is very very vivid and high clarity. Tsavorites over 2 carat in size with little inclusions are extraordinarily unusual, are highly coveted and difficult to source. The Sapphire Merchant is proud to offer this high quality 3.05ct Tsavorite. You will be hard pressed to find another in this carat size and quality on the New Zealand market.


This gemstone includes a New Zealand insurance valuation of $9000.00 completed on the 10th May 2021 and an independant gemmological report.


This gemstone is photographed in a display ring to give the buyer a visual of how it might look once set into jewellery.


To learn more about Tsavorite take a moment to read our BLOG POST.

3.05ct Tsavorite Garnet

GST Included
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