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3.30ct Pear Cut Cambodian Blue Zircon

3.30ct Cambodian Blue Zircon

Natural Cambodian Blue Zircon


Pear Shape

Mixed Cut

VVS Clarity

Cambodian Origin


10.70 x 7.20 x 5.70mm


The Sapphire Merchant presents this 3.30ct Cambodian Blue Zircon to the New Zealand market. In a rare pear cut, this shimmering zircon will make an incredible zircon ring or zircon pendant. A fun fact about zircon: it has a refractive index that rivals a diamond, so it sparkles as brilliantly as a diamond!


The Sapphire Merchant offers a FREE CAD design with any gemstone purchase. Conceptualise your design idea and receive a no-obligation quote to manufacture your jewellery piece.


Want to see further videos of this gem before making a decision? Contact Gemma today.

    GST Included
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