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Blue Sapphire New Zealand

Greenish Blue Natural Sapphire


Oval shape

Mixed cut


Thailand origin


10.16 x 7.81 x 4.99mm

This generous 3.73ct sapphire sparkles with a calming turquoise hue. It has near perfect clarity and incredible lustre that a photograph will never quite capture. This gorgeous little number comes all the way from Thailand, an area that if famous for its greenish-blue sapphires. The lucky owner of this wee beauty will adore its beauty for many years to come.


Thai Sapphires are known for their greenish blue hue. You get a lot for your money with a Thai sapphire. This gemstone has so much lustre and sparkle. It truly is beautiful stone without the huge pricetag.

This price includes a comprehensive gemology report and valuation. The New Zealand insurance valuation of $2960.00 was completed on the 4th March 2021.


From source to you. Bringing you New Zealand's best value sapphires. To find out how we keep our prices lower than other retailers take a moment to read OUR STORY

3.73ct Blue Sapphire

GST Included
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