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The Sapphire Merchant offers a gem brokering service to assist you with finding your perfect gemstone.


Contact Gemma today with your specifications - gemstone type, carat size, colour and cut. My well-placed contacts in

Sri Lanka and Thailand will send through options within 24-48 hours. Not sure of your exact specifications? We can discuss options, and I can help you make an informed decision on what might be a good option for you.

Gemma Dillon -

Precious Gemstone Merchant & Gem Broker


Thanks for your Enquiry!

The Sapphire Merchant – Gemstone Brokering Service – Terms & Conditions


Description of Service:

The Sapphire Merchant provides a FREE gemstone brokering service. I source options for you from precious gemstone suppliers in Sri Lanka and Thailand. Options are displayed via photographs and/or video with a written detailed description of the gemstone's total price. 

Purchasing a Brokered Gemstone:

If The Sapphire Merchant sources a gemstone that suits your requirements, then the next steps are taken.

  1. The Sapphire Merchant acts as an intermediary to purchase a gemstone on your behalf.

  2. You pay a 50% Non-Refundable deposit to The Sapphire Merchant. The Sapphire Merchant will confirm the order with the supplier when the deposit is received.

  3. The Sapphire Merchant covers laboratory certification fees, importation tax, importation fee, international and national postage fees. GST and commission are included in the quoted price of the gemstone.  

  4. Upon confirmation of your order please allow up to 21 days for your gemstone to arrive. The average postage overseas postage time is 12-14 days.

  5. Once the gemstone is received by The Sapphire Merchant the final 50% of the balance is due within 7 days. Upon payment, your gemstone and gemstone documentation will be couriered (overnight with signature required) to you.

  6. The Sapphire Merchant guarantees the authenticity of all gems brokered.  

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