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1.29ct Emerald Cut Violet Cobalt Spinel

Natural Violet Cobalt Spinel


Octagon Shape

Emerald Cut

VVS Clarity

Sri Lanka Origin


6.22 x 5.68 x 4.25mm


The Sapphire Merchant presents this 1.29ct Violet Cobalt Spinel, sourced from the island of Sri Lanka. This exquisite gem features an emerald cut, showcasing its unique violet hue. With VVS clarity, this spinel is free of any visible inclusions, making it a truly rare find. Measuring 6.22 x 5.68 x 4.25mm, this gem is the perfect size for designing a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or custom jewellery piece. 


The Sapphire Merchant offers a FREE CAD design with any gemstone purchase. Conceptualise your design idea and receive a no-obligation quote to manufacture your jewellery piece.


Want to see further videos of this gem before making a decision? Contact Gemma today.

1.29ct Violet Cobalt Spinel

GST Included
  • The Sapphire Merchant offers a 7-day return window for you to review your gemstone. The 7-day window starts when you sign for and receive your gemstone from the assigned courier service. If you are not completely satisfied with your gemstone, you can return it for a full refund. While you have possession of the gemstone, you are fully responsible for its value and care. Please note: Loose gemstones will not qualify for a refund if they have been chipped, fractured, scratched, weigh differently or have been altered in any way. 

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